visual diary part 9 – alles ist anders (everything is different)

i found this street art work at parisian metro. maybe for most of the people this looks like trash and there is no reason to pay any attention to destroyed ads. at least it’s difficult to pay any attention to something when you’re moving from a to b in a hurry in a flow of too many people in small subterranean passageways. often the time we spend moving from somewhere to somewhere else seems to be wasted. there are so many days i ride my bike like crazy and the park is just a distance to be overcome. but on somedays (like yesterday) i wish i had the time to move slowly and notice the world and it’s beauty around me. for example when the sun rises over the river (like yesterday) it’s just greatly wonderful just to be at this moment at this time (and then it’s even okay to be awake too early and to go to university on a saturday).

back to parisian metro street art.

what i like about these pieces is firstly what i like about street art in general: you go somewhere  in the city and maybe you feel a little bit like this and then you’re suddenly stopped by something unexpected, some piece of art somebody putted there. we’re surrounded by the city and its walls, it’s our environment and they tell us we haven’t the right to change it… i don’t think so, we should participitate in what surrounds us. i don’t want to life in a grey city. and i don’t want to see all these stupid and often sexist ads everywhere. isn’t it at the same time paradox and typical for the capitalistic sytem we life in that we aren’t allowed to put art in the streets like we want but the economy is? the critic about the way advertising works is the source of this kind of street art, named adbusting. in different countries adbusters are organized in differnet ways. the biggest organization is the adbusters media foundation, they also started the buy nothing day. they’re critized cause of several reasons, for example some of their political attitudes. i liked the manifest of the french adbusters, called Déboulonneurs. adbusters do not only break ads, sometimes they also write on it, paste on it, draw on it so that the meaning of the ad is changed and the absurdity of advertising becomes clear. it has also something in common with the general idea behind street art – reclaim your city and make people aware.

secondly i like about these pieces that they look so artistic, it doesn’t look like somebody just wanted to destroy something, it seems like somebody wanted to transform stupid ads into pieces of art. the aesthetics reminds me of dadaism and decollage. often street art is a present someone gives to strangers.

p.s.: a list of things i want to share

while searching for a song i found a poem about how to be alone by tanya davis (she also made a song and video about it) that touched me because it’s so true. and for me learning to be alone was really important experience. i think i will write something about this in the next time.

arcade fire – rebellion lies, another wonderful song by them (and the video is also really special).

the photographer olivier buchet and his really interesting and experimental photographs.

and just because outside is grey and cold winter back again another rainbow. because of a crystal and a sunny day my whole room was spotted by little moving rainbows.

p.p.s.: the title is inspired by a tattoo i saw last week – this sentence written in a childreens lettering near to the left wrist. the girl told me what that this sentence has been really important to her for many years before she did the tattoo. and what she liked about the sentence is that it means for everybody something different and special. i totally agree: the in_between is often better than the umambiguousnees and everything is different at anytime.

p.p.p.s.: “I take my desires for reality because I believe in the reality of my desires.”
(Anonymous graffiti, Paris 1968)

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