visual diary part 11 – wish away my nightmares

after spending a night in nightmares it’s good to wake up  but at the same time it’s difficult cause it means having a silent weird feeling and being fucking tired the whole day. after four nights of having nightmares zombie is the right word to describe the condition. when we practise the kartepunches and -kicks  the trainer always says we should image ourselves as our counterparts. having nightmares is a little bit the same – we are our counterparts and it seems like there’s not such a good chance to beat ourselves.

the english expression nightmare is very close to the old-fashioned german expression nachtmahr. both refer to the belief in nightmares as specters visiting the sleepers. there are several old paintings about this topic, all look the same way – a beautiful sleeping woman in a white dress lies in a dark room with a scary creature on her  breast. i don’t think about nightmares this way.  for me nightmares (and also dreams) are places where we go. at least they can be as real as the reality. they can be complex cities and landscapes in both ways – the physical and the emotional.

after searching for quotes about nightmares i can say dreaming is far more commented than having nightmares. at least i found no (good) quote about nightmares. but i discovered this one by john lennon about dreaming:

you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.

sleep well.

p.s.: tool: schism.

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