visual diary part 16 – interrogative

besides: week review and some art

look at this beautiful illustration by fräulein zucker: we don’t want a piece of the cake. we want the whole bakery! i thought about these illustrations today while having a really weird discussion about the woman quota. the other person told me that we shouldn’t control the business concerns because we’ve got a free market economy (but do we really want to have this and should things stay as they are just because they are like they are?). and that some day there will be women in the upper positions and that i shouldn’t be so impatient. but i don’t want to wait. i want equal opportunity now! i don’t want a two percent piece of cake! and at least i don’t believe that there is any chance without gender politics to break these structures.

more beautiful illustrations by genevieve dionne. she’s an illustrator  from vancouver, canada. this picture is from the series battle scenes. and if she wouldn’t be an artist she would like to bake pies all day. i hope revolution cakes like fräulein zucker.

my song of the week is bull in the heather by sonic youth. the video is really strange – the black-haired girl is kathleen hanna from bikini kill and yes, thurston really feeds a horse with a banana. i like the lyrics and its ironic and truth. sometimes it’s so easy to be happy – sitting in my chair and drinking a cup of coffee or tea and listening to great music or wasting time while writing new posts.

it’s really windy on the outside and the same on the inside. it has been a surprising and difficult week and i can feel the slow beginning of a great change. everything is different. a friend of mine want a tattoo with the lettering “jetzt!” (now!). i think we should say more often now! and jump or start running or just do what we really want to do, without paying any attention to our fears or the much praised  rationality. and we should say so more often: we want the whole bakery. because we deserve it!

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