visual diary part 19 – riots not diet

you know lookism?

“Lookism is a form of discrimination of individuals, which is based on their outward appearance. The term lookism is meant to designate the hierarchization of individuals on the basis of bodily traits, which are rated positively or negatively and therefore enlarge or diminish an individual’s value.The perception of certain traits as positive or negative with regard to one’s appearance depends on various factors, e.g. a particular concept of gender roles.” you can find this and more information here:

for my own i can say: fuck all these beliefs about beauty and uglyness. it’s your body and nobody has the right to judge it. destroy your scale. eat what you want. throw your mirror away. do what you want: stop_start shaving your legs. dye_cut_let your hair grow. mix boyz_girlz clothes. fuck sizes. eat candies, muffins and cakes. reclaim your body!

the interesting article “fat is a feminist issue” from the new outside the box about all this beauty terror and espical feminism and eating disorder you can find at audioarchiv (german).

the gossip: listen up!

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