visual diary part 20 – silent


one winter night in leipzig near main stadion i saw people playing bike polo in a undercrossing. it was somehow surreal.

the last time i travelled back from vienna to leipzig by train i saw a group of hunters in their green cloths moving slowly with their guns to the forest.

acoustic review

at the drive in: napoleon solo.

james blanke: limit to your love. heard this song last week for the first time and i really like it (especial the bass – i guess my neighboors too) and the video fits really well with the photos. today i was hanging around with a friend at the museumsquartier vienna . someone played arcade fire ready to start and we used to wait and then this song. three of my favourite songs. amazing.

and today i found this wonderful song: radiohead: packt like sardines in a crushd tin box. i missed it for more than one year of spending so much time with radiohead.

power up. female pop art at kunsthalle vienna

this exhibition rediscovers very interesting female pop artistas. i never mentioned that pop art is more than the flippancy of andy warhols and roy lichtensteins work. pop art was also a very political art movement and these women did very well and manifeld work. their works over interesting points of view on contemporary hot topics not only the role of women in society but also the war in vietnam and the civil-rights movement. i liked the exhibition, it’s very well curated.

power up. female pop art. kunsthalle vienna, hall 1, November 05th, 2010 – March 08th, 2011.

One Response to “visual diary part 20 – silent”
  1. le petit prince says:

    The “best” post till now. I’m impressed. And shivering.

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