visual diary part 25 – i think i saw you in the shadows

i’m listening to pj harveys new album “let england shake” and one more time i’m really impressed by her power. pj harvey is really a special artista and for me there’s no chance not be touched by her great work. the first time i was listening to pj harvey, it was the great, great song “black hearted love”. i think i will never forget it because it was breathtaking and life-alterning. i couldn’t stop listening to this song, it was so deep, there was so much truth, so much feeling- i get lost in this song and the very atmospheric video.

a few weeks ago i was watching the dvd “from the basement” . “from the basement” was a project by the producer of radiohead nigel godrich, featuring artists like radiohead, autolux, white stripes, sonic youth etc. with special concerts – concerts without audience, only the artists in a studio. there are many great songs on the dvd, but they’re all nothing in comparison with pj harveys “the devil” and “the piano”.

and now a new album by pj harvey. it’s  a very political album. it’s focused on england and its difficult role in the iraq war. pj harvey draws a complex and very dark picture of england. it reminds me of a famous painting:  “le radeau de la méduse” by théodore géricault, i don’t know why. the lyrics are very dark and tough somehow and remind us of the fact that we don’t life in peacefull world, there’re several ongoing wars. a few weeks ago i read the first time in a german newspaper the expression veteran in conjunction with the german soldiers in the afghanistan war (they still don’t call it a war, just to pretend). the uncomfortable truths come along in very beautiful songs with a fantastic sound – the album was recorded in a little church.

there were also three videos released and they’re really special too.

pj harvey: the words that maketh murder (my favourite)

pj harvey: the last living rose


pj harvey: let england shake.

:::”don’t try to solve the chaos just try to look through it on the bottom of your heart to know what you really want and what is necessary to be experienced now. “:::

picture by sam

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