visual diary part 28 – lovely

this monument is in new york. there’s a small park – just this monument, a few trees and bench. nothing more. it’s dedicated to this women. the inscription says that this women died by the break-up of the titanic. her husband (or financè) donated this place to remember her, his love.

i nearly finished reading jeffrey eugenides anthology “my mistress sparrow is dead. great love stories”. the book is great. it’s a remarkable collection of short stories. for me every short story is a jewel. each one offers new tones and all together they start to sound. the books key tone is cavernous and somehow dark. every paradise seems to disappear or is lost, already. but maybe all these paradises are only valuable because they’re fragile. i think jeffrey eugenides himself gives the best explanation for reading this book: “Read these stories…not to confirm the brutal realities of love, but to experience its many variegated, compensatory pleasures….I offer this book as a cure for lovesickness and an antidote to adultery. Read these love stories in the safety of your single bed. Let everybody else suffer.”

what is more_

:::maybe, what is called weakness or what seems to be a fault means much of what we are – it’s an important part of ourselves. it’s much harder to love weakness than strenght, but it’s more precious, for me:::

:::and sometimes it’s difficult to say what we’re feeling. because there’s no word to name what is hardly tried to be avoid:::

martyn: these words

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