visual diary 30 _ we are all strangers in a strange land

: roundabout _ right in the middle of a time warp :

: rainer maria rilke : das karussell/the carrousel :

: massive attack : psyche :

:::: we are all strangers in a strange land (called reality) ::::

sometimes i love to abscond in my own world. to get lost in thoughts _ in music _ in memories _ in dreaming. escaping. in my own cosmos. there’s such a big world inside. when i feel really close to myself. on friday i had a long walk along the loire. i reached a small beach. i lied down. there was nobody. just me and the endless blue sky above me. the river was passing by. the sand below me. the sun was shining. airplanes crossed the blue and drawed white lines. i was listening to the new radiohead album and it was such a pleasure to be right there at this moment.

: radiohead : bloom :

_ the title was inspired by wonderful bat for lashes


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