visual diary 34 _ au revoir/stories from the city _ one

paris in spring is amazing. i spent ten days in paris. ten days with my new camera diana mini. and today i picked the first photos up.

my paris – here it begins.

one of my favourite places in paris: centre pompidou.

a center for culture and especial modern arts in the heart of paris. they museum have got the largest collection of modern arts worldwide and a huge permanent exhibition elles@popmpidou about female artistas and their interesting artist views on themes like bodies, room on your own or the representation of women in art.

besides: if you’re interested in women and art you should read the article about the revolution art woman project from the missy magazine blog (i’m sorry it’s both only availale in german). the article indroduces this project and asks at the same time some general questions about women and art. women and art is somehow a depressing topic ’cause the art world was and is very male dominated. but there are so many great artistas to explore…

centre pompidiou has not only great exhibitions but also the modern architecture is very interesting and there’s a breathtaking view from the highest floor. and there’s a excellent bookstore for art books on the ground level. i bought a cool book about fanzines there. it’s called  fanzines. la revolution du diy/the diy revolution and has a focus on riot grrrl and feminist zines. in the linked article you find a short review and an interesting interview with the author.

back to pompidou: the neighborhood is quite nice, right in front a square with people hanging around and many street artist_as, and many alleys with street art, cheap restaurants and nice shops to explore.

you can find pictures of the neighborhood here: visual diary part 22 – a short walk.

::: expect the unexpected :::

some new music? kool thing ! … fresh somehow-electronic female music duo from berlin

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