visual diary 35 _ our hearts were burning

traveling is wonderful and it’s always hard to say good bye, ’cause you never know when and if you come back.

and often the more time you spend at a place, the more it becomes familiar – and anyhow every place you’ve visited is then a part of you and your experience. sometimes it isn’t easy to say all the time: yeah live c’mon, new experiences, new places.

sometimes it would just be beautiful to rest somewhere on the beautiful green, in an amazing city, in the city, at a friends place, but at the same time I think

enjoy the moment and move on.

only saying good bye gives the possibility to say someday hello again.

maybe longing is an important power for moving on.

and: it’s wonderful to know there are familiar places out there in the big white i want to explore.


p.s.: i’m in ♥ with hostage calm. i saw them in paris and couldn’t stop smiling ’cause the music is so positive. perfect for waking up and starting in the day. and i really liked that they played not only good but also political music. for example they played one song against homophobia.

_our heArts were burning ; flaw in the picture_

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