visual diary 40_ treasure chest

i still have problems with my hands, but my fingers prickle ’cause there’re so many things to write about, to share… here comes a little treasure chest full of glittering and colourful murmer.

you just have to click  & explore.

_ there are ongoing zine and magazineprojects you can join:

~ berlin femme mafia wants to make a zine about feminine queers (deadline 23rd may 2011)

~ fiber (feminist magazine from vienna) will make a issue about the topic reiz = stimulus…  (deadline for abstracts and picture ideas: 13rd may 2011)

_ some beautiful art : street art project paper girl (berlin)

_ spring everywhere green, warm, sun sparkles, people in the park, blue sky, barefoot & a springpicture on my wall

_ ladyfest leipzig is coming soon and looking for help: join! more information on facebook

paranoid paradise  2 : queer film festival will take place in leipzig during june and july … film intervations in public space, parties and more … soon!

_ more spring : what about some guerilla gardening? flower your city!

_ great dresden dolls covering grauzone: eisbär



::: it is not down in any map; true places never are ::: (moby dick)

_ you and me alone (the build-up) : kings of convenience


the picture is dedicated to little e.

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