this is a manifesto for dreamers

this is a manifesto for dreamers.

we’re living in a world full of things that should be changed. discrimination against people because they are different, not usual (whatever usual is), is a everyday-everywhere-problem

sometimes it seems like capitalism is the only paradigm in these times and the question of how to produce more and more and more money causes not only big crises and wars, it also effects a growing number of poor people  and circumstances of living that are unbelievable. behind the borders of the rich nations people die of hunger and we waste food, the climate changes and we still drive cars and consume and waste energy, food and resources that’ll never come back.

we’re still living in a binary-programmed matrix where every variance from male-female and heterosexual means trouble.

there are so many things to complain about, so many reasons to worry about the way this world moves towards. to criticize things is necessary it helps to understand and realize. but at the same time it makes me so tired. sometimes i feel like theres no energy left. but: we should never stop dreaming, we should never stop believing in change. we should never accept the things the way they are.

we need critical theory, but we also need activism and if you want to resist you have to know why.

we need utopias about how we want to life, about how things should and could be. I believe in the power of dreams and utopias. I believe in creating new spaces together. During the last years I had the pleasure to experience such spaces like ladyfests and to meet wonderful people there who gave me exciting and altering points of view. I believe in art and music – to make invisible things and ideas visible and tangible. I believe that a thought can be the wing beat of a butterfly that causes an earthquake.

every heart is a revolutionary cell.

dreaming is the basis for activism.

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