visual diary 46 _ space

two turnining points for me: going for the first time to a squat & going the first time to a ladyfest, meeting all the people there &  experience that kind of freedom.

places as space for idea, people, special atmosphere & creativity are so important – free space just for creating a little utopia, doing things the way we want to do them and not the way others want us to.

yesterday i watched the interesting documentation “noise and resistance”  about punk, diy and subculture. they’ve meet several people from very different projects in europe. so many people that believe in the power of doing things different, living a life that’s different and worth it. living together with other people in a way that doesn’t harm the enviorment, that is not hierarchal and gives everyone the space to be the person one wants to be. Creating spaces together – free from homo/transphobia, sexism and racism & do political work in projects that try to spread the idea of tolerance. they also showed people that try to consume as less as possible. diy as a way to become more independet from hired labour, do the zines, the music and clothes you like and as a way to try to avoid waste and harm the enviorment.

they showed many nice  autonomous places – f. e. schwarzer kanal & how people try to create something new together from the grassroots. there was also a focus on the small and very repressed punk/hc-scene in russia and their struggles  (a good documentation about the situation of homosexuals in russia – “east/west – sex & politics“) and another focus on feminism and the very important question why the hell there’re so much more guys on stage than women. so they also showed a girls rock camp.

working together with other people in projects became really important for me. it makes me pretty happy to see what we can do with our own hands and how we can put idea into action. the movie also showed what i experienced – you just have to start and then things will go their way. there might be problems and there might be antagonism. but it’s totally worth it.

p.s.: from 7th until 10th of july “entzaubert ” a queer diy filmfestival will take place at schwarzer kanal/berlin with great diymovies and workshops. more information here.

a page i did for the räubertage 2010 zine about free space. the whole zine here.


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