slutwalks, my body & and a few thoughts about sexuality 1



after wonderful slutwalks in berlin (see this video)  and in other german cities slutwalt leipzig will take place – 15th of october 011 / start: 1 pm connewitz kreuz. soliparty / 30th of september solibar/focke . web here.  join!

being at slutwalk berlin was a good experience. the important point for me about this topic is: it’s my body and my choice – in every aspect. it’s not only about dressing up the way i want, it’s also about others respecting my borders, it’s therefore about yes means yes & no means no. it’s also a question of free moving in public space without street harassment. moreover the question of the body and the control over the own body is for me the key for nearly all feminist discourses and the important link between slutwalk and other feminist topics.  it’s a long lineage from “women” that weren’t allowed to vote or study etc  ’cause they were supposed to have weaker bodies and brains (if they at all were supposed to have something like brains!) than “men” over to the question of a free sexuality* & “women” fighting for their right of abortion to topics we discuss today. also the topic of sex work, also linked to question of bodies and their control, has a long lineage. i’m thinking about female prisoners of the 19th century – many of them were sex workers – and also about the feminist sex wars – hard discussions about sex workers and pornography and sexual preferences ending up in judging people.

* after reading michel foucaults “the will to knowledge” i’ve got great doubts whether a free sexuality exists. and sexuality isn’t private – we’re so hardly influenced. we can only think in the categorys the society offers us – f.e.  heteronormative societies like ours that although also offer the opposite  – homosexuality – will always force people to be the one or the other and if u are inbetween u are the anomaly. is homonormativity better than heteronormativity? i don’t think so. and i refuse to accept this.


femme mafia berlin still calls for submissions for the zine about feminine voices on sexism in the queer community – more information here / just ignore the deadline / fb here.

see a video about how to make a zine here.

all the good things are wild and free.

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