visual diary 55 _ theres a light that never goes out

looceedee _ nip it in the bud

pj harvey _ the garden

last weekend i saw pj harvey ❥at royal albert hall … although it was very different from what i expected she was really impressing. fragile and strong in one. after the concert i saw these beautiful glowing trees… so magic.

i’m spellbound by longboarding and this feeling of absolute freedom while riding the board  – the longboard girls crew is a true inspiration and part one of the movie “endless roads” – “yellow horizons” makes just happy… i want to do this next summer.

a few days ago mädchenmannschaft (my favourite german feminist blog) linked the wonderful blog eva&eva : a platform for rebel grrrlz and ladiez _ comic, graphic and illustration

2 Responses to “visual diary 55 _ theres a light that never goes out”
  1. audivididisco says:

    wundervoll. äähm: wonderful! your trees are a great inspiration. as well as your links.
    cheers from leipzig!

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