visual diary 57 _ love and other catastrophes

_ when i’m confused about my gender _ i always watch tv

_ with love from paris

_ ewe and me

_ possible past

_ where our lovestory ended

_ hold me

i found these and decided to put them here. it’s very different from what i do now. i will post pictures of my new stuff soon. for me it’s not clear whether this can mean something to someone else than me. but at least it doesn’t matter. i think i have the right for a digital room to express myself and put my memories. (one nice thing about the internet is that it offers this possiblility equally to all its users)

when i look at these collage i see a lot of feelings, a lot of past. sometimes i wonder whether time is as linear as it is supposed to be. doesn’t it is strange – sometimes we remember a moment, a feeling and it is so near. like it was never gone. from time to time i have the idea of me passing by past mes while walking down the street. see there behind the corner – a sunny day and a first kiss on the green. i’m thankful for many lovely memories (and also for the bad ones because they probably teached me more than the good ones). though sometimes the past can be a burden if you want to walk down the street freely.

thanks for more than views in the past year. i promise to blog more. now that my camera is fixed i can also promise you london (and this town is really a promise). on my tumblr grrrrlz i share my favourite illustrations and photographies every day with you.

jenny wilson _ love ain’t just a four letter word (here with art work by the awesome artist ayesha moarif)

cat power _ free

2 Responses to “visual diary 57 _ love and other catastrophes”
  1. I really like these. Very interesting to look at all the little parts that create the image as a whole. I also really like that they are so heavily black and white.

    • thank you. i think it is really interesting how pictures change if you turn then into black-white. i like working in black and white because i have the feeling it is more reduced on the shapes and how the come together.

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