while we were dreaming _ a photo-essay about the production of a zine

resist normative images is a zine about how to organize a queer diy film festival.

winter 2o1o a group of people started to meet and organize the queer film festival paranoid paradise # 2 in leipzig / germany. in june and july 2o11 we screened films in public spaces in leipzig. starting with a lovely opening party we had weekly screenings and a symposium where workshops and discussions about queer and films happened. we ended with an adventeuros queer camping for one weekend somewhere out of the city in the green with awesome guests, workshops, food, musicians and djanes and of course films.

to be a part of paranoid paradise meant a lot to me and although it was hard work and less sleep in the end there have been a lot of moments that are now sparkling stars in my treasure chest.

after paranoid paradise we all needed some time to relax before we started to document the festival. this zine is part of the documentation. we wanted to share the knowledge we gained during the process of the organization of the festival. at least it is not something final or complete, it is just a compilation of thoughts reflecting the long months of organization. i think the idea of sharing is the motivation for many projects and so it was here. when we were holding the finished zine in our hands we were shaken by the thought of all the people who participated in producing it. all the hands that helped to complete this project. it’s amazing when you can see an idea realized – it all starts with a small thought and then you start talking with people about it and together you start spinning the idea and then you first meet up seriously to work on it and collect concrete ideas and you start making a plan and so on. all the people who participate change the project and they are all watering the seed and a beautiful plant is growing and growing. of course this zine (like probably most projects) took more time than we thought and at some points it also took a lot of energy to motivate ourselves to keep going on.

this photo:essay documents the final steps to complete the zine. the steps before: making a concept of the content, writing texts, drawing comics, writing emails, doing art work, re-writing texts, proofreading, composing the different parts and finding the right spaces for the art work, continuing to edit and write texts, doing the layout, drinking a lot of coffee and writing much more emails, printing and photo-copying. and here you can see the final steps of the long journey.

we hope to translate the zine in english soon, now it is only available in german. if you are interested in getting a copy email us: luca . paradies  (at) googlemail . com. you can find an online version here. we are happy if you print it out and spread it, but please check our creative commons licence.

♥ thanks to all the wonderful people who are dreaming with us.

please note: these are my personal thoughts about paranoid paradise and the zine. my point of view is only one possible and i am not representing all the other people who participated.

come queer. stay rebel. all your arms we need.

7 Responses to “while we were dreaming _ a photo-essay about the production of a zine”
  1. bubi zitrone says:

    Oh, das schaut super aus. Ich hätte so gerne eins! Ich würde – beim nächsten Leipzig-Aufenthalts meinerseits – eins mitnehmen wollen, wenn sich das ausgeht? Bestes.

  2. audivididisco says:

    oh, soooo wonderful! love your photo-love-zine-story =)

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