travelling to imaginary places _ review zinefest berlin 2012 & an encouragement to make zines

zines are small self-published booklets. you can do them on your own or as a collective. i got in touch with zines three years ago and after reading my first one i started imedialty to work on one – it seemed to be the perfect place to put all these feelings, thoughts as well as all the pictures and texts i am producing constantly. but while working on momo 1 i got distracted with starting this blog, but this year i managed to finish momo  1: touching from a distance as well as momo 2: no love lost – a zine about love, relationships and freedom. and then at the beginning of november i went to berlin to table at my very first zinefest with my project riotmade with love. beside these two issues of my per:zine i tabled the dressed like that zine a collective zine on sexism in the queer community edited by my friend laura and the zine resist normative images: how to organize a queer:film:festival we did as a collective about the paranoid paradise filmfestival and i also brought soli-buttons for the reality-show diy queer project.

berlin zinefest was a very inspiring weekend and i met nice people. when i travelled back my backpack was as heavy as when i arrived in berlin since i swapped lots of zines and also bought other ones. i was very excited to finally table at a zinefest and there was a lot to do, luckily i had helping hands so everything was done in time. and on saturday friends came to support me and helped me to transport everything and checked on my table so that i had time to check out the other stalls. doing things together was as usual much more fun. besides the over 4o stalls! there have been interesting workshops, i participated in one on queer_feminist zines. on saturday it was very crowded in the late afternoon and it was a bit exhausting, but we had great vegan food from the  vokü which made everything easier. unfortunately i couldn’t join the concert on saturday evening, since i had a bad cold, the line-up was very promising. sunday was more quiet what meant more time for conversation with the other zinesters. i donated zines for the papercut library in boston, usa and i am also planning on donating zines for the archiv der jugendkulturen in berlin, since i think it’s very important to archive subcultures and cultures of resistance for the future. zinefest berlin was very well organized, thank you! and the location – schule für erwachsenenbildung was a good place. with space for hanging out, talking and reading.

what i love most about zines is that they can give us a glace in the inner world of another person, that’s why i especially like per:zines (per=personal) and how intimate they are. sometimes i am so touched that someone decided on sharing such a personal experience with me that i would love to meet this person and thank them for this moment of connection. while reading zines i can travel to imaginary places.i also love that zines are as different as the people who make them. i also like collective zines cause they are often good complications on a topic and give diverse perspectives. i also like zines with more practical knowledge like support, mental health, queer and feminist theory – it’s great that we have this media to share our knowledge. diy-culture and its moments of community-building, equality and emancipation are meaning a lot to me. i wish there would be more zinesters i can share zines with.

come on, make a zine as well! it’s pretty easy, you can get inspiration by this beautiful how to make a zine video . you can also start with a mini zine – one sheet of paper turns into eight pages (or if you like to start even smaller try a 16-page-micro-mini-zine). if you are interested in more specific things like other types of binding or different types of zines – check out the zini-wiki and for instructions f.e. youtube. you don’t have to go to a zinefest, you can also leave them somewhere, sell them at concerts, swap with other zinesters and so on – there are no limits, just be creative.

i will write reviews on the awesome zines i got… just be a bit patient.

if you are interested in getting copies of my zines contact me per email maria _ johanna (at) web . de or come to queer zine fest london at 8th of december where i am going to table with a friend.

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