visual diary 69 _ don’t stop to explore

there have been certain things that motivated me in the first place to start another visual diary, i found lots of old pictures i took at the beginning of another visual diary, some of them even before i started. at the end of january it will be two years that i am keeping this diary. i love to see how it grows and despite the fact i started to do it only for myself other people started reading it as well. thank you for being here. here’s a list of things that inspire(d) me…

chapter one _




chapter two_




chapter three_




chapter four_

zines _ honej

  chapter five_




chapter six_



….. drinking tea with friends, observing strangers and wondering what a strange place world can be, going to these beautiful dirty squats dancing with the punks and sassy kids, the need to say certain things, other people’s creativity (a lot), cats, thinking about queer & feminism, love & heartache, reading zines & skating, walking & cycling down the streets, the stars & the night, talking with friends until the restaurant closes, travelling…

my plans for next year (another visual diary started as a new years resolution two years ago): writing more about political stuff instead of just thinking about it, doing more longboarding and travelling (oh i want to go to barcelona and brazil, and back to london…), starting to do polaroid photography, organizing queer_feminist stuff, learning to speak another language, doing another zine & finally finishing university (this is the scary part)…

these days i am looking forward to the next year. there will be adventures, i am sure. there will be new places and people, there will be hanging out with my friends and longboarding and zines and dancing, there will be sadness as well and decisions will need to be made, but that’s how life is.

i am curious. i am ready for a new year to start.

one of the best mixes i’ve been listening to this year: grizzly – we could live forever

4 Responses to “visual diary 69 _ don’t stop to explore”
  1. Bani Amor says:

    awesome, love your shots/diary.

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