visual diary 73 _ come on over







vienna, august 2012

a few weeks ago i realized that another visual diary is nearly pure escapism. it’s the place where i put memories, so often dreaming about going on new adventures. it’s so much about the seaside, freedom, beauty, travelling, exploring what surrounds me and utopia. of course that’s not what my life is about most of the time – i am studying, i am working and i am not always happy. i can be so frustrated about how people are treating each other and the nature. i am living in my bubble but i am always aware of all the bullshit that surrounds us – sexism, racism, capitalism, homophobia and so much more. i am asking myself: why can’t people treat each other with respect, love and tolerance – accepting each others borders and the fact that we are all different? why is this society so much about consuming and who really needs all that stuff? why do so little people have so much money and other not even enough to buy enough food? why are heads full of stereotypes and fear of what they don’t know? why do people drive cars instead of cycling or using other kinds of sustainable transport? why do people eat meat – knowing that animals have to be killed, the environment will be fucked up and food needed so much is wasted to feed these animals – so much cruelty just for their dinner? etc. etc.  of course i am far away from living a good life in terms of consuming as less as possible and i can feel so many binaries in my head. sometimes i feel that all these thoughts are just generating a downward spiral, but then i also think even if what i can do is only a little thing, it’s better than just complaining and doing nothing. and i was lucky enough to see that i am not alone with my worrying and that other people have alike dreams and that at least for a few hours we can create a free space together dreaming about how we would like this world to look like. and i think escapism is necessary to dream.

when we can’t dream any longer we die

emma goldman

don’t let the darkness eat you up

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