visual diary 77 _ keep track of where you’ve been / i love exploring the city.

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a lot of places i’ve visited are on my mind lately. i escape the ongoing winter here in my head. last year in march and april i longboarded a lot in london. there was spring –  i did enjoy it so much. here is a piece i wrote one year ago for my zine momo #2:

i love exploring the city.

yesterday i found
one of these magic places – i am still spellbound. the seaside right in the middle of london. i was spending an evening with a friend and my new longboard. we hoped off the tube at the millennium dome. after the security guys kicked us out from the big square we headed eastbound along the riverside. we enjoyed skating a lot – there’s nothing better to do in one of the first
nights when the air finally starts to smell like spring. and then out of the nowhere there it was – the magic place. the river was so wide – it didn’t look like a river anymore. and there were boats and something like beach and waves. we were just sitting down and listening to the sound of breaking waves. for the first time i forgot about the huge city that surrounds me all the time.

addition october 2012:

to finally finish this zine took me so many months, so that by now i am back in leipzig and when i left london it really
wasn’t a white blank page anymore – it’s now filled with places i discovered and fell in love with. places that are also connected with the wonderful people i met there or who showed them to me. the last five weeks i had no more university which gave
me the freedom to explore the city every day (only one day i was too lazy to go anywhere) and it was great. i love all these galleries filled with modern art, the hiddenperfect coffee under the london bridge, the open barbers hang out mondays, the lovely times at bar wotever (a beautiful and warm queer place), the street art in brick lane, the hours i spent at the south bank, the prince charles cinema at leicester square, the wild queer riot parties in the north-east and the seaside in brighton.

no, no patterns can take your waking slope / learn by going where you have to go / learn by leaving what you love the most / love your losses how far they will go

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