visual diary 78 _ miles to go before i sleep

miles to go before i sleep 6 miles to go before i sleep _ 1 miles to go before i sleep _ 2 miles to go before i sleep _ 3 miles to go before i sleep 4 miles to go before i sleep 10 miles to go before i sleep 5 miles to go before i sleep 7 miles to go before i sleep 9 miles to go before i sleep 8

these days are so full i hardly find the time to sleep enough. most days are so long and full of activities – after such days i am so happy to finally enter my room and fall in my bed and escape in a book before i fall asleep to wake up early and start working again. whenever inspiration hits me in a free timeslot i work on a new issue of my zine momo – it will be called writings from the edge, but i am sure it will take me a lot of time to finish it since i better spend my days doing “useful” things. well … i miss blogging, taking lots of pictures, traveling, doing nothing and just seize the day. this was how i spent my last summer – when i also took these pictures in amsterdam. which i consider to be a strange place – it rains more than in london but the people there doesn’t seem to even recognize it. it was also incredible expensive and i didn’t want to afford going in the museums – so i basically spent my days cycling around and exploring the city. i spent the only sunny day in the park, reading, longboarding, getting to know a person who just returned from traveling south america and made me believe that we can do anything and go wherever we want. you know these coincidences – suddenly out of the nowhere somebody appears and you spend some time together and have a conversation that really touches something inside you. i am thankful every time this happens. at times these days i feel such a strong longing (sehnsucht) in my chest to return to certain places and certain people i met. i guess this is the price you pay for really being there in this very moments where the magic happens.

some sidetones: you are warmly invited to join a concert and party 17-05-2013 in leipzig – details here ( if you are a queer zinester – check the first queer zine fair ( which will take place in vilnius (lithuania) in july 2013 – they call for submissions and i think it’s a great project to support.

Sometimes we’re lost
Sometimes we’re blind
Think with your heart
Read between the lines

you must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

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