visual diary 79 / it’s post number 1oo! / star-gazer (on belonging and travelling)

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dear strangers and friends
this is the 100th post! yay! i am overwhelmed and happy to see how another visual diary has been growing over all this time. thank you for reading / being here. it’s all about sharing stories, places and feelings. i feel like it’s a good place to put all this. scrolling down the pages makes me think of so many things and sometimes when i am feeling homesick for places / people / feelings i spend some time in this visual memory. if you haven’t figured it out already – it’s a lot about secrets as well because even though i am sure the pictures tell you stories, maybe sometimes more than my words, there are so many things between the lines, behind the pictures. things i can’t even describe. for example how it feels to discover a place for the first time, how it felt to sit in paris at the canal in the evening sun and read on the first ever on-my-own-travel or how it felt to ride my longboard down the street from sagrada familia in barcelona or to spend a whole afternoon in the park and make bubbles and forget about everything else, how lost i felt when i finally left london and had to leave behind all what just had begun. and of course there is friendship and sisterhood, being part of a queer/feminist community, there are crushes and heartsickness. there are hard times and there are days when everything was just shining and vibrating. there is growing and there is pain. it’s just this thing called life.
take care.

p.s.: a topic i’ve been thinking about a lot all this time is self-love and self-care and i really want to write a piece on it. for now this wonderful quote: “One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others.” by bell hooks.

pictures taken at leipzig and barcelona – february – april 2013.

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