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my dear readers and friends

as you might recognized i don’t post new stuff these days. i have a lot of work to do and prefer to spend the free time i have at the lake / at my roof top / with my friends / reading. i will be back latest when summer ends. hopefully more relaxed, with a free mind and a lot of pictures and thoughts to take you on small journeys.

i will tabel at the queer zine fair in vilnius with my friend from the heavy mental distro in berlin. we will also hold a workshop on queer/feminist zines. i will bring copies from momo 1 + 2, dressed like that, resist normative images and also some zines from the queer zine archive with me. come along! if you are interested to get copies of these zines drop me an email at maria _  johanna ÄTT web DOT de.

the new outside the box is now released, a feminist magazine from leipzig, and i am happy that i participate in the new issue with two collage pieces.

i am also working on a new issue of momo which will be called writings from the edge. but i am sure it won’t be finished before the zine fest in berlin this autumn. i also plan to do a compilation zine on self-love. up until now there was no time to write a call, but if you are interested to join a zine about self-love with fiction, non-fiction, essays, illustrations, photography whatever comes on your mind, then write me an email!

my friend laura who writes the wonderful, funny and thoughtfull  radical queer/feminist fat positive blog diary of a lipstick terrorist nominated me for the wordpress family award with these wonderful words: A truly inspirational, never-relenting artist who keeps blogging and producing zines and charging around Leipzig and London on her long board. A fierce feminist and a beautiful person who has made me feel supported in my writing and inspired me to continue. thank you so much, laura! i was really touched when i read these lines. friendship means a lot to me and i have no idea where i would stand without the company of friends and a community of queer/feminists! without their encouragement and inspiration. i will sort out a list with nominations when i am back on track with another visual diary.

have a lovely summer + take care!

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