travel diaries // vilnius _ a queer fairytale

once up on a time we went on a big journey and found a rainbow gate.

rainbow vilnius queer fairytale

we were eating rainbows

rainbow vilnius

and slept in a purple prince_ss camber while the sky was glowing in purple as well.

rainbow vilnius

we met unicors and other creatures at street corners

rainbow vilnius unicorn

and protested for the freedom to love whoever you want to love and to live in whatever sex / gender you want to live in together with hundreds of other people. some of them came from countries far away.

rainbow vilnius bag

and they all lived happily queer ever after.

rainbow  vilnius lesbian

– the end –

unfortunately that’s not the truth for queers in lithuania — there are so many homophobic discourses & politicians & new laws taking away their rights & protection… if you want to know what is going on there check the website of the lithuanian gay league ( lots of love, courage & hope to you, beautiful queers.

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