an archive of feelings // the streets call my name | a love letter to london






























i wrote this text back in june 2013 — forgot to publish it for so whatever reason.

it has been a year now since i came back from london. i know it’s quite pathetic to say this – but i can’t believe how fast the time is passing by. a blick of an eye. i remember these last weeks in london – and how i hardly slept because i felt so many things i haven’t done before waiting for me. hang out mondays at the open barbers, an unforgetable day at the seaside in brighton, endless coffees and gallery visits, a wild last critical mass with all these longboarders and cyclists, picturing the street art around brick lane, having the best mexican dinner, feeling so bitter sweet about leaving. i remember how empty i felt when i came back. it felt like nothing had changed except of me. what wasn’t true at all. i felt displaced. but leipzig was welcoming me with a warm and shining summer and i had such good times with my friends. i remember star gazing the summer sky with my best friend. having a sparkling wine & cake party in the park for my birthday. a wonderful hedonistic night dance with my friends. swimming in the sea and drinking the wild air … and endless more minutes hours days weeks.

all pictures taken in london and brighton between may and june 2012.

p.s.: you can find some field recordings from these last weeks in this beautiful track by kc:



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