visual diary 100 // on the threshold to a new land (moving from winter to spring)

my dear readers —

this is not the 100th blog post, but the 100th visual diary post. wow. when i started another visual diary over four years ago i never expected it to be such a long-term project. but i still enjoy doing it and it makes me very happy to see how many places, moments and feelings are mapped here. when i scroll through the posts they take me to places i’ve visited and to former selves and emotions. it truely works as a visual diary for me. i started keeping a diary when i was 7 or 8 years old. when i was a teenager i filled so many note books with my desperate and confused thoughts. honestly, rereading these diaries is the opposite of pleasure since growing up was in many ways a painful process. but they are still very valuable for me because they document an important time of my live and give me an idea of what shaped and moved me back then. i still keep my personal diary, but i don’t write as much as i used to due to several reasons — i don’t have this huge amount of time anymore that refused to pass and caused a lot of boredom, i don’t suffer as much (i am actually pretty happy) and i found other ways to express myself — for example this blog, my tumblr and zinewriting.  all these ways go hand in hand and in difference to my old diaries they all also document good and happy moments which are totally worth to be remembered.

memories are so fragile and sometimes it is difficult to remember the other day. not every day is it worth to be remembered though, but i think every moment is worth our attention. i don’t want my life passing by with me not paying attention. the only thing we own is this very present moment and i really want to own in. taking pictures (or the decision not to take any pictures) is a practise for me to pay attention and look closely at my enviorment. sometimes i get lost in the city taking pictures and find myself in empty factories and abandoned train stations. i truely enjoy sharing these pictures and i learned that sharing personal memories and thoughts can create meaningful connections in many different ways. so i am happy that i decided back then to open my diary of personal photographies to you.

a big thank you to all the people that accompanied me on my ways and journeys and also to my readers.

take care. stay rebel.

jm   DSC_0485 DSC_1007 DSC_0289_1 DSC_0292_1 DSC_0533 Untitled DSC_1043 DSC_1186 DSC_1015 DSC_1011  you DSC_1165 // isar/munich // jahrtausendfeld/leipzig // raw/berlin // gieszer16/leipzig // lindeau/leipzig // harry klein/munich //

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