another visual diary is a place to map moments, ideas, thoughts and art work in a visual way. a place to collect, connect and share them. a place to create a landscape of inner and outer. a place for new projects.

another visual diary works as a diary in two ways.

on the one hand i will post pictures taken during the last years. so this diary works not straight-line from now on. i don’t want to document every day with an actual picture. i want to collect and connect pictures, moments, art work and ideas of the last years and today. because i think there isn’t a straight development. moments, art work, ideas and experiences are more a complex network.

on the other hand there is a reason why i choose a picture for a post and this has something to do with what’s going on in my head and my heart. in this way another visual diary is something like a linear diary. except of this i want to share current thoughts and music, art work and other things with you.

through the times another visual diary changed and now i also use it to link (queer-feminist) websites and events as well as to post essays about questions around identities, queer and power. there are things i cannot express in words and there are things i cannot tell in a picture.


contact and a note on copyright

if you are interested to use something from my blog for a project / zine / blog etc please ask me. i am also happy to get feedback and questions.  you can contact me via email  //  maria_johanna (at) web . de.

if not stated otherwise all the pictures and writing are by me. please note that another visual diary is published under a creative commons license.

other media

 riotmade with love is my queer d.i.y. zine project

_ my tumblr: grrrlz.tumblr.com

_ find my london: memorize the city

_  an interview for the www girls: mädchenmannschaftblog (in german) _ in einer welt tickender uhren und grauer männer ein eigener platz

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