Queer/feminist Zines // a personal linklist

this is a small personal linklist on zines, zine projects and zine ressources based on my interest in queer/feminist zines and my networks. i hope it might encourage you do zines because it is awesome to share experiences, thoughts and knowledge through zines.

p.s.: if you want to add your zine (project) please contact me via maria _ johanna ÄTT web DOT de.

p.p.s.: you can find out more about my zines here.

a small glossar

zines are small-circulation, noncommercial, nonprofessional, magazines which writers produce, publish, and distribute by themselves. they come in all different shapes and sizes and with very different content. they are strongly influenced by diy.

diy (or do it yourself) refers to noncommerical and nonprofessional culture production with a focus on creating own spaces, art, media and events.

personal zines (or perzines) are zines with very personal content, they are a kind of open diaries and focus on the experiences and thoughts of the writer. they are the most intimate zines.

compilation zines are zines that consist of submissions by different people. often there’s an open call for submissions.

zine distro carries different zines and distributes them via web and at zinefests.

zinefest is an event were zinemakers and zine distros table with their zines. ususally there are also talks and workshops on zinerelated stuff.

how to do zines (in different sizes)

how to make a zine

how to do a mini (8 pages) zine

how to a micro mini (16 pages) zine

queer/feminist zines online

aufbruch. ein zine für betroffene von sexualisierter gewalt & wegbegleitung. ein zine zur unterstützung von betroffenen von sexualisierter gewalt

queer zine archive project

poc zineproject archive

grrrl zine network archive

brav_a, queer/feminist zine in teen mag style

cool schmool, personal working class feminist queer zines

dressed like that. feminine voices on sexism in the queer community zine also available via my distro

echo, diy feminist zines and comics

ethical sloth, a queer comic zine

evolution of a race riot 1, zine project with ressources for people of colour involved in punk subculture

fix my head, a punk zine focused on people of colour, read #3

rad punx of colour here

heavy mental distro, with a focus on queer/feminist topics

henna räsänen, queer comics

hot pantz: do it yourself gynecology zine

i hate this part of texas. personal zine on diy culture, drag etc

learning good consent zine

mädchen? junge? pony? … oder alles was du willst. eine broschüre über geschlecht & trans* (nicht nur) für junge leute. zine (de)

pussy bear, comix about the life of a fat queer feminist butch trans* poly nerd

raumschiff distro, with awesome zines on feminism, berlin, surveillance & much more

resist normative images. how to organize a queer:film:festival zine (de)

riotmade with love, my zineproject

ring of fire, personal zine on art, sex, disability etc.

shortandqueer. personal zine on trans*

wer a sagt muss nicht b sagen. compilation zine on asexuality

yori gagarim


squeezie queer zinefest leipzig

queer zinefest berlin

zinefest berlin

feminist zines europe, a fbgroup with announcements around feminist and queer zines in europe

archiv der jungendkulturen (berlin) archive with over 30.000 zines and newspapers!
dr. zineatron zine library (berlin) a distro with lots of zines and a library

we make zines, online community for zinereaders & writers

list of zinefests worldwide

further ressources

zine-wiki, a huge wiki on zines and zine culture

stolen sharpie revolution, a diy ressource on zines

great linklist on zine ressources by the zinefest berlin

Chris Wilde and Milo Miller – Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) a film from Gitte Schmitz.

literature list on zines

Bailey, S. and Michel, A. (2004) The Photocopied Self: Perzines, Self-Construction, and The Postmodern Identity Crisis. Verfügbar online: http://reconstruction.eserver.org/042/bailey.htm.

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