visual diary 118 / oblivion (places you take me to)

travel diaries / bjärehalvön _ horizon

the horizon moves shifts changes in slow motion. i can feel every meter. the weight of my backpack. wind sun sweat cold rain brushing through my hair. the endless steps a meditation. silence. darkness. a fire burning.

visual diary 111 / the waves (blue is the warmest colour)

visual diary 109 // i tramp a perpetual journey

thank you so much e. for sharing these beautiful polaroid pictures with us. you can find e. online here.

visual diary 103 // the ocean inside me

an archive of feelings // the streets call my name | a love letter to london

                                    i wrote this text back in june 2013 — forgot to publish it for so whatever reason. it has been a year now since i came back from london. i know it’s quite pathetic to say this … Continue reading

visual diary 75 _ point in time

there are these points in time where the magic happens and i want to embrace them, fell them, be wide awake, keep them close.

visual diary 71 _ star girls and sailor dreams (stories from the sea)

once upon a time

visual diary 61 _ the moment as long as it lasts

There are these moments in life you have to embrace. Jump in the feeling, the sunset, the sea, the opportunity. Close your eyes and smell the wind, taste the kiss, feel how your body is moving to the music or the rhythm of the street. Feeling alive, feeling close are such important feelings.

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