here you can find links to queer/feminist projects, blogs, zine projects and also to projects by my friends ❤. enjoy reading & exploring!



female pressure, international network of female artists in the fields of electronic music and digital art

GreenEsteem, djing — dark prog /progressiv/ full-on dark/hi-tech/dnb, munich

IKAT, djing — deep house/minimal/techno, Munich

radio caka, radioshow, LE

supaKC, djing, producing, workshops, LE


Kunst // Art

Joana Estrela

Lucius Nothing

yori gagrim


Zine Ressources

Ethical Sloth, Queer Comic Zine

Grrrlzines, revolution girl style now! everything you want to know about riot grrrl zines

Heavy Mental Zinedistro

Queer Zine Archive Project, more than 250 queer zines online

Queer Zinefest Berlin, takes place every half year

Raumschiff Zinedistro

Stolen Sharphie Revolution, diy resource for zine culture

Zinefest Berlin, takes place every year

find out more here


Queer Film Festivals

Entzaubert, radikal diy queer film festival, B

Identities, queerfilmfestival, Vienna

paranoid:paradise, queer:film:festival, LE

quEAR, queer audio performance festival, B

QueerFilmFest, queerfilmfestival, RO

Transcreen, transgender film festival, Amsterdam


Queer/feminist Projects and Events

Bar Wotever, queer performances and events, London

e*vibes, für eine empazipatorische Praxis, DD

FAQ: feminist, antisexist and queer project, Jonasstr. 40, B

Gender-Kritik, Vortragsreihe, LE

Institute for Queer Theory, B (eng)

Joseph_ine, weekly queer/feminist hangout, Josephstr. 12, LE

Ladyfest Leipzig, LE (eng)

Open Barbers, hairdressing for all genders, London

RosaLinde e.V., Lange Str. 11, LE

Queer einsteigen, Vortragsreihe, HAL

Queerkafe, queer space, Munich (eng)

find out more here


Queer/feminist Media

A.G. Gender-Killer, Texte und Literaturlisten um Queer_feministisches

AG queer studies, Vorträge, Podcasts, Radio uvm., HH

Anarcha library, texts about gender, ‘race’, intersectionality (eng)

Bend Over Magazin, Feminism, Sexuality and Queer Art (eng)

Bildwechsel, queer_feminist filmarchiv, HH, B, Glasgow (eng)

Classmatters, information about classism (eng)
Fiber Werkstoff für Feminismus & Popkultur, Medienprojekt, Wien

Genderblog, Weblog zu Geschlechterfragen, -forschung & -politik
Genderplanet, Newsticker der queerfeministischen Netzlandschaft

Girls can blog, feminist blog (eng)

Heiter Scheitern, Podcasts zu queeren ThemenHugs and Kisses, queer magazin, HH (eng)

Krass Magazine, kritische assoziationen, HH

Lookism, every body is a beautiful body (eng)

Mädchenmannschaft, feministischer Gemeinschaftsblog

Make Out Magazine (eng)

Outside the Box, Zeitschrift für feministische Gesellschaftskritik, LE

QUEER-O-MAT, der queerende Blog

Queerfeministischer Taschenkalender von den Riot Skirts

Queerhandicap, Infoportal für Beeinträchtigung und Queer

Tipkin, monatliche Radiosendung für Queer Politics, Popfeminismus & Alltagsschrott, LE

TransgenderRadio, Radiomagazin rund um das Thema Trans* und Inter, B

Transnational Queer Underground, platform for queer art (eng)

The Angry Black Woman, Blog about Race, Politics, Gender, Sexuality, Anger (eng)


Stay Queer. Stay Rebel.

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